Quantumnoise [dot] org

This site represents an experiment in usage of the World Wide Web for technical communication on specialized subjects. This project is based on the belief that in an age where communication increasingly takes place at the speed of Twitter, and where everyone is connected to the Web in multiple ways all the time that communication in technical fields should be in real time on dynamic(like Twitter) decentralized(NOT like Google docs) documents.

The vision here is that there will be a network of nodes, where each participant in a sub-field will host their own nodes, some of which will be private or partially private, some of which will be for close collaborators and experts and some of which will be for communcation with other interested parties such as program managers, students, and the general public.

For such a network to exist, we must do two things. First, we need software that acts like Twitter but in a decentralized way, where each user can instantly and with almost no skill create a message and share it with anyone they wish. For this to be decentralized this must be based on small, simple files which many people in the community with only a modest skill in coding can create, edit and maintain. To that end, all software presented here consists of a single html, designed to be as clear in its code as possible.

The first goal of this site is to simply provide useful resources for people in the quantum noise research community. If that proves successful, my intent is to train researchers in varoius groups in the field in creating and maintaining their own local nodes on this network so that they can publish their own feeds of technical media. If we can get a healthy community of users sharing calculators, graphers, data analyzers, equations and reference papers, the next step will be to train people in re-writing this software many times over to truly make it their own(and hence totally decentralized). Should this prove successful, the final goal is to spread this model to other fields in which I'm not an expert.

I am Lafe Spietz, a researcher in quantum noise, and my home page is